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Friday, October 16, 2009

Hello Ya'll Long time no blog lol ;)

Well alot has changes have been made in my life at the moment and I'm learning to roll with the bunches and live on my own right now.

Melanie is in 1st grade! Wow is she growing up so fast. Hailey is also, she is talking alllll the time and never listens lol jk she listens just not always lol. Learned who my real friends are and who I dont need in my life.

Through everything that has happened in my life I have alot of ppl that helped me get through the hard times and help me out and be there for me and I'm really thankful and you know who you are! Sometimes the only thing you can do is pray and find out what kind of life your suppose to have, Love yas always!


Linda said...

I'm glad you are happy. :)

Your kids really are growing up so fast. And you are you so right about Hailey talking alot! hehe.

Love ya sis. :)