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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday!
I'm thankful for my family and everyone in it.
Thankful for waking up each morning looking forward to the next best thing that happens at home with my children.
What my sister and mom are up to and what hubby is going to be going through at work. Just to see everyones smiling faces and knowing that everyone is ok.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Whats cookin wednesday!

I didnt forget lol ;)


Mmmmm but my family only eats meat and cheese lol
Easy recipe:
Fry up about 1 to 2 pounds of burger into a pan
When browned mix milk and seasoning into the pan with the meat
After that is done fill shells with meat and put into oven for 5 mins.
Take out and put on cheese and whatever topping you prefer! :)
Munch down lol.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Tips.

Tuesday Tips :)
Lets see since spring is here how about some spring cleaning tips :)
First open all those windows yall :) Let that nice fresh spring air fill up your house!
Start by wiping down everything wall, counters, stovetops,stoves, furnitures everything that had been hidden by the wintery cold.
Next. Clean out your cabinets as you might not know grease can get on anything that is around your stove or above it, yucky.
Clean your carpets and hard wood floors.
Lastly, hopefully didnt forget anything, clean the out and inside of your windows and window panes. Mine are easy cause I can fold them in after doing the inside and do the outside from the inside if that makes any sense lol.
Then after all your cleanin is done you can start on a new beautiful garden planting spring flowers and making it look all beautiful :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Movie Monday.....Finally posting again.


I saw this movie at my sisters house and absolutely loved it! It reminded me of me and dave and what we were going through that our marriage had changed. Its about a man and a women that despirately needed help with their marriage and had decided that divorce was the answer. then The mans dad gave his son a book the main character and was it was a 40 day journey to build his marriage up things for him to do for his wife....A couple times of giving up he never did he became more patient with and and caring for her...You have to watch it!

Interesting facts on the movie:

Kirk Cameron, a Christian evangelist, refuses to kiss any woman other than his wife. To film a scene in which his character in this movie kisses his wife, the filmmakers had to dress Cameron's real-life wife, Chelsea Noble, as the wife character (played throughout the rest of the movie by Erin Bethea) and shoot the kissing scene in shadow so the difference between Noble and Bethea would not be as evident on screen.

Instead of a fee for starring in the film, Kirk Cameron accepted a donation to his charity, Camp Firefly